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Will He or Won’t He

As the old commercial went, “Only is Hair Dresser Knows.” But really, who cares? Personally. I’d rather see the Park Police or Secret Service drag him clawing and screaming out of the White House on January 20th. The man is a degenerate narcissist that somehow got elected president in the weirdest days of our short time here on earth.

Joe Biden will become our version of Gerald Ford to Nixon as Biden will be to Trump. Be thankful that our long national nightmare is over. We can only say Goodbye to Trump and good golfing. The only shame is that the American public now must pay for his personal bodyguards for the rest of his life. May it prove a good, albeit short, investment.

So, now what? I predict that Biden will spend most of his time undoing the harmful things that Trump did. The list is long. I suspect we only know the tip of the iceberg. Ben Carson in Housing and Urban Development, Betsey Devos in Education, and Bill Bar (AKA Fred Flintstone, they could be brothers) you need to ask yourself what possibly could go wrong there. In those three Secretariats alone, there could be a lifetime of fixing up. But then there is the unending list of Executive Orders. Did anyone even think to keep copies of all of them?

Don’t think for a moment that the road ahead is paved and smooth.

Joe’s in for four years, and he turns 80+ before Kamala runs. And how is that going to work? A black Asian American running for president? Tell me that won’t bring out every racist from under every rock in the country. You know she’s going to be running against Trump in 2024.

No, this is far from over. Stay, vigilant my friend.

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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