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What Trump and the United States needs is a third party

What Trump and the United States needs is a third party. Trump needs to organize a third party made up of the millions of vigilantes, misfits, and crackpots that can’t get enough of this narcissistic sad little bully.

That would give the real Republican Party an opportunity to rebuild the organization that once championed the likes of Lincoln and Eisenhower.

This country needs a multiple party system – a viable multiparty system where Senators and Congressmen of differing parties are forced to work together to cobble a winning vote.

For that matter, Senator Sanders should start a new party. American politics would sport four parties, two on the wings and two in the center. Every voter could have their flavor of the month. Don’t like Social Democrats? No problem. Check out the Proud Boogaloo Party. Not an extremist? Move to the middle with the Republicans or the Democrats.

America needs multiple parties. Politics and the American voter can no longer be contained by the confines of just two parties. These are the days of multiculturalism. Why then should we not update and reboot our American political system? Or, maybe we have.

Goodbye Mr. Trump, and good riddance.

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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