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What, Me Worry?

By Charles Uphaus

It’s now unquestionable that Trump deliberately downplayed the danger of Covid 19. We have this in his own words, on tape, which the WH can’t deny, much as Kayleigh McEnany tries. When presented with the most serious challenge of his administration, Donald fell back on his tried and true modus operandi – denying, dissembling, ducking responsibility, and combining that with really wishful thinking.

His stated rationale was to keep Americans from panicking. Well. We didn’t see panic in Germany or Canada or New Zealand or a number of other wealthy democracies that have managed MUCH lower case and mortality incidence relative to population size. Donald must think that susceptibility to panic is another example of American exceptionalism.

In any case, the idea that Trump wants to avoid stoking panic is laughable in view of the things he’s been saying to deliberately stoke fear (if not panic). E.g.:

“Joe Biden and the radical, socialist Democrats would immediately collapse the economy. If they got in, they would collapse it. You’ll have a crash the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Your stocks, your 401(k)s.”

“Biden wants to surrender our country to the virus, he wants to surrender our families to the violent left-wing mob, and he wants to surrender our jobs to China — our jobs and our economic well-being.”
Downplaying the seriousness of the situation might have been defensible if, during the months of January and February, he had taken serious steps to address the crisis, by vastly expanded testing and quarantine, for example. But he did nothing other than indulge in wishful thinking. This is not presidential – this is criminal.

The irony is that if he had acknowledged the seriousness of the pandemic at its outset and instituted control measures comparable to those of other countries it would actually have helped his reelection bid – it would have given him an opportunity to showcase those great leadership and management qualities he boasts of. But no. That was beyond him.

Do people really want four more years of this?

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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