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Trump Bails on Debates – Biden Ahead by Double Digits

Trump threw the schedule for the two remaining presidential debates into doubt. He refused to take part in Thursday’s debate after its organizers announced the event would be held virtually, to prevent spreading the virus. In response, Joe Biden’s campaign said it would hold a televised town hall instead.Asked about the vice-presidential debate, Trump referred to Senator Kamala Harris as a “monster.” Biden called the comment “despicable,” and said Trump “has great difficulty dealing with strong women.”Biden, Harris and Vice President Mike Pence all traveled to Arizona yesterday, a sign that both campaigns believe the historically Republican state is up for grabs in November. Polls show Biden leading narrowly there.Daily polling diary: Biden’s share of the vote is up to 52 percent in The Times’s average of polls, an unusually high level for a candidate at this stage in the race. And Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight wrote, “More polls are coming in showing Biden up double digits than not at this point.”
Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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