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The incredible shrinking president

  • 8 hrs ago

President Trump and Fox News host Bret Baier were in disagreement as to whether it was Fox’s or Trump’s idea to hold the May 4 “town hall” at the Lincoln Memorial. Suffice it to say, neither Trump nor Baier was eager to claim credit for what proved to be an obvious error in judgement. As the interview began, viewers were presented with the image of America’s greatest president dwarfing the current occupant of that office. And if that were not enough to accentuate Trump’s smallness, Trump was diminished even further by Baier quoting Lincoln’s profound Second Inaugural Address as the viewing public was being subjected to nearly two hours of “Trumpspeak.”

To be fair to Trump, few people best Abraham Lincoln in a man-to-man matchup, especially when that matchup occurs on Lincoln’s “hallowed ground.” But even the times Trump is given the advantage of Lincoln’s physical size, he comes up small. In meeting with Kim Jong Un, some say Trump elevated North Korea to the level of the United States, but more likely the equivalence was achieved by “The Donald” shrinking to the level of “Little Rocket Man.”

In Helsinki the 6 feet 3 inch, 245-pound Trump sat down for a news conference with 5 feet 7 inch, 157-pound Vladimir Putin. Surely the hulking leader of the world’s greatest power hovering over the diminutive leader of “a gas station masquerading as a country” should loom large. But alas, no. Trump quickly belittled himself and his country when he said he took Putin’s word over his own intelligence agencies. And Trump did nothing to prop himself up when he spent much of the news conference demeaning his fellow Americans as the former KGB agent smugly smiled beside him.

Sometimes Trump is brought low by the venue in which he speaks. On his first day in office, the incredible shrinking president stood before the CIA’s solemn Wall of Stars Memorial and “exaggerated” his Inaugural crowd size. With the haunting white crosses of Normandy in the background, Trump thought it the right time to bash Robert Mueller, a war hero. And who can forget the mocking giggles Trump elicited from world leaders as he embarrassed himself by giving a UN speech better suited to one of his political rallies.

The latest venue to frame Trump’s smallness was St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington. Despite Trump’s attempt to clothe himself in the Bible, his feigned piety was laid bare when he sacrificed the bodies of peaceful protesters in order to clear the ground upon which he stood.

A scheduled July 3rd visit to Mount Rushmore will place Trump at the base of the massive monument. This time Washington, Jefferson and Roosevelt will join Lincoln in looking down upon what has become of the American presidency. Trump acolytes must hope that his comparative smallness will not be amplified by him again opening his mouth while in the presence of true greatness.

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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