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Rep. Jennifer Wexton pushed hard to get the first legislative relief on the books to combat the terrible health and financial consequences associated with this pandemic, but her advocacy didn’t stop there. She listened to constituents’ concerns about people hurting and help not reaching those who need it to keep businesses alive and employees paid.

As one owner in Winchester explained to me, small businesses run on tight margins. If we want to give them a good shot at staying in business, she said, grants are far preferable to loan payments. She knows firsthand what she is up against in this digital world, but she relies on delivering a personal service that her customers want. In my opinion, small businesses don’t just talk about a level of community service. They deliver it. People know them and want them to succeed. We have invested in them. They will continue to invest in us.

Congresswoman Wexton sees her job as not just explaining new COVID-19 legislation to small businesses. She makes sure they have access to the programs available, and her office staff will help navigate the system or provide a letter of introduction. And when the Senate wanted to settle for funding another round for small businesses, Wexton joined the fight to add critical dollars to arm hospitals and health care workers with $75 billion and devote another $25 billion to an essential need — testing for COVID-19. She is already focused on a next round of fighting — this time, for our state and local firefighters, police officers, emergency medical services, and teachers.

is a resident of Frederick County.

Kathryn Uphaus

Kathryn Uphaus

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