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Well, here we are, six weeks into the pandemic and my dog is beginning to freak out. Canada has been my service dog since – well forever. We go everywhere together. Everywhere. He doesn’t understand why we don’t go anywhere anymore. I’ve tried to explain that we have a leader so devoid of compassion and intelligence that we screwed the pooch (sorry Canada) and waited until the virus had spread halfway around the world before we did anything. The Trump administration has made every mistake. They haven’t missed one. The narcissistic moron that is the president is much more concerned about how all of this affects him than he is about how all of this affects us. And everyone understands? Now we just call it our new normal. It didn’t have to be this way. This is the product of an administration lead by that narcissistic moron. While it would be easy to blame it all on the orange, the truth is the people around him are even more to blame than he is. Why doesn’t Anthony Fauci simply refuse to play? Why doesn’t he turn around and say, “No Mr. president orange, that’s the dumbest damn thing I have ever heard a human say.” Why do they all kiss his ass? Why do they all cherish his approval more than they do human life?

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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