Rumor Has It

Rumor has it that the city council is interviewing candidates for the next city manager. Let’s hope that they hire someone who is much, much better than the last one.

Let’s consider two themes here. First, the last city manager was a bully who threatened anyone who deviated from the party line. She bullied the city council and especially the mayor. The city manager instilled the fear of FOIA in council members. Heaven forbid that two or more councilors assemble anywhere at any time lest they be FOIA. Here’s my question. What the hell are they doing that they need to hide it from the public? FOIA is an acronym for the Freedom of Information Act. The act was designed to protect you and me from secrete government meetings. So why such paranoia over FOIA? I think it’s the method used by control freaks to control the weak, the timid, the council.

I promised two themes so here is the second. Wouldn’t it be novel to ask you and me, the citizens of Winchester, what the hell we think we need in a new city manager? What’s the rush to interview and hire a CM without at least the appearance of caring what we want? City councilors with come and go. I plan to live here forever.

So there you have it. What is the root cause of not asking us or cowering behind the threat of FOIA? Transparency. City council and most certainly the previous CM never wants to let the right hand know what the left hand is doing. I say this, if two or more of you need to gather and you feel certain the meeting is covered by the Freedom of Information Act then advertise it and let’s get together. Let’s meet at the pub and hoist a few in the name of transparency. While we are at it we can invite any interested citizen to chime in with what they think we need in a city manager. God forbid it be another control freak bully.

Harry Potter is a resident of Winchester

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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