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     I do not pretend to know why you and I were chosen to live during these days of pandemic and national struggle. Is it by accident or on purpose? Is there some lesson we are to learn or some example that we are to embody? I am not sure. All I know is that we are here and here we will stay until the virus retreats and the community recovers. In this way we will be witnesses to a vast time of change. We will be part of that change. The choices we make now, the way that we conduct ourselves, the paths we decide to follow: they will all be remembered.
     They will determine the future, perhaps for generations to come.
Therefore, as long as we are in this great shift of reality, let us make our mark together. Let us lean toward the just, the compassionate and the sacred. Let us walk in dignity with hope for a better world.
     We may not understand all the reasons why, but let us be the best we can be for those who will come after us, those who will see our lives in the memories we are making. The memories we call human history. 
~ Steven Charleston, Native American elder, author, and Citizen of Choctaw Nation
Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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