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Phil Milstead for Ward 4

I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine who is running for the city council from the 4th Ward – Phillip Milstead. Phil has played many roles in his lifetime. Let’s see, he’s been a rocket scientist, a math wonk, a bit of an expert in such areas as by-laws development, parliamentary procedures, and organizational structure. But he’s also a performing magician and person committed to making Winchester everything it can possibly be including a great place to live, raise a family and put down roots. Phil has served on the Winchester Board of Elections as Vice President where he helped to guide the fair and safe elections for many years.

While all of those experiences are significant and make Phil a well rounded, experienced candidate that’s not really what I want to tell you about Phil. Phil is a man of integrity, a man committed to fairness, progress, and truth. Those are traits far too often unaccounted for in politics today. Yet those are exactly the traits we need to guide our city through these unprecedented and troubling times.

Phil is not a man of politics. He is a man of principle. I have grown to have a deep abiding respect for him. I know him to be someone who will do what is right to move our city forward. I believe Phil understands what makes a city a great place to live in. He understands our responsibility to educate and nurture our children. He understands the importance of a housing stock that is varied and representative of the needs of all of our neighbors. Phil understands the importance of a well trained, experienced fire, rescue, and police force made up proud, respected professionals both paid and unpaid. Phil understands the importance of a strong economy, a vibrant workforce, and a diversified market place. Perhaps most important I know Phil to be a person who seeks the value in all people.

A great place to live, a place to work and grow your family, a place where we hold our public servant is high regard, I believe that is what Phil Milstead represents. I know that is what he hopes for you.

I’m proud to call Phil Milstead my friend. I am honored to recommend him to you as someone who will best represent your 4th Ward. I hope you will contact Phil. I know he would be honored to hear from you. Join with him to celebrate the future of Winchester’s 4th ward as we build our great city together.

I mentioned that Phil was a practicing magician – well, here’s hoping that for his opening act as a candidate for 4th Ward city council that he is able to make his opponent disappear.

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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