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Our Society Will Never Be The Same

by Isbah Raja

We are dealing with the most devastating global pandemic of our lifetimes. 

Our families, our friends, our communities are at risk in ways that we never could have anticipated, and the truth is that this virus is impacting our lives in so many ways that are both obvious and not. More than anything, it is laying bare the institutional failings that govern our lives. 

It is exposing the cracks in our society. For example, it is showing us how ill-prepared our health care system is in providing the best care for the general public. Our health care workers are doing amazing work, but the health care system is driven by profits, rather than providing proper care to as many people as possible. 

We are seeing that grocery store workers are essential staff who are keeping our society fed and taken care of in these difficult times, and instead of providing proper pay or paid sick leave, grocery chains are prioritizing profit and corporate greed. 

Unfortunately, this is how most of our society is run, and this is the time when we must act as witness to these ruptures in society and find ways to change them. Whether we are focusing on workers’ rights, providing financial relief to families, advocating for health care for all, fighting against the detention of immigrants, or raising awareness about racial inequities in the health care system, this is the time when we must organize. 

Our society may never be the same after the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, and we have to make sure that as we go through this together, we are advocating for those who need help most.

Will you start a petition today and advocate for an issue that matters to you at this moment?

As so many of us are staying home, if we are able to, we can organize in digital spaces and show up for those who are taking care of our communities by providing essential needs.

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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