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Never Before in the History of Our Nation

A few years ago when obviously crazy conspiracy theories like Pizzagate and QAnon began hitting the Internet, I used to share articles from reputable sources pointing out how absolutely ridiculous and possibly dangerous such garbage really was.

But that was then and this is now, and I’ve come to realize that such common-sense rationality posted on Facebook or any other social network is essentially tossing it down a bottomless pit.

Not only do those who might benefit from such advice never read my posts, nor do they ever read those of any other real-world inhabitants, they apparently lack sufficient intelligence to believe anything which challenges their preconceived fantasies.

Incredibly, there is now a whole cabal of American citizens (perhaps as many as 40%) brainwashed into believing anything, however outrageous, told to them by Trumpublican operatives and Russian social network infiltrators. Not only are they pathetically naïve, they are extremely dangerous to the future of The United States Of America.

I know this warning sounds exactly like one they would say (and are saying) about the rest of us, but please pay attention:

Never before in the history of our nation has an election been so important as this next one. Never before has the possibility of the utter destruction of everything we hold dear hinged upon your vote and those of the rest of our American electorate.

It is absolutely crucial that not only must we Vote Blue Through And Through, but that we also …

•  Contribute generously to Democratic candidates

•  Volunteer to work on phone banks, mailings, ZOOM meetings, and teleconferences

•  Frequently post politically-supportive public messages on whatever social media we frequent

•  Buy and prominently display a Biden/Harris yard sign or window poster

•  Purposely bring up in conversation with our like-minded friends, family, and associates just how important their vote will be. We must talk this up. Often.

•  Do everything we can to get everyone to either mail in a ballot or physically get to the polls. If necessary in our neighborhoods, we must contribute to election-day transportation funds and handicapped assistance services.

•  Do not just one of these things and consider it done. We must do as much of all of the above as we possibly can. Everything we can do will be valuable.

Sincerely genuine belief in and support of our federal republic – however flawed and broken as it currently is, and our precious Constitution – however much it is being attacked, ignored, and reviled, is absolutely crucial to your future and mine.

We must, each of us and all of us, work passionately for a Democratic victory this November 3rd. For if we don’t, history will never sufficiently document our disastrous failure.

Jon Larimore

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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