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Mr. President, you’re embarrassing yourself

Mr. President, you’re embarrassing yourself. You’re embarrassing me, the American people, and our country. Please stop it.

Your entire four years have been embarrassing and a shameful act by a pitiful human being.

You’re a sore loser, a liar, a bully, a cheat, and you’re lazy. Go off to Florida and play golf. That seems to be the only thing you are good at, and you even, by all accounts, cheat at that.

Just go away and let us try to put our country back together again. You have championed some of the most evil collection of misfits, bigots, racists, and anarchists. You have made the greatest democracy on the face of the earth, the pity of the entire world. You have frittered away our leadership to the likes of China and Russia. The Cold War that President Reagan won, you have managed to unravel and squandered his victory.

You are an embarrassment and a traitor to the democracy you have thwarted from the very beginning of your four-year reign. You are not a king. You are, and likely will forever be, the worst President in American history.

Your continued attempts to overthrow a democratically elected President are illegal at best, and at worst, are seditious. You must stop this insane behavior.

Please, we beg you, stop embarrassing yourself and us. Just go away.

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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