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A shocking new report in The New York Times on Monday revealed that the Republican party plans to employ 50,000 people at the polls—some of whom will be armed—to intimidate Democratic voters across critical swing states, and that the Republicans intend to spend at least $20 million on nefarious lawsuits designed to suppress the vote this fall.1

This is a stark and disturbing escalation in the Republican party’s voter suppression tactics, resulting from a 2018 court ruling overturning decades of precedent that stopped the GOP from blatant voter suppression and intimidation efforts.2 Since 1982, the GOP was barred from pursuing what they called “ballot security” measures, after a lawsuit showed that they had engaged in a coordinated campaign to remove voters of color from voter rolls through a deceptive mail campaign and even hired off-duty police officers to patrol majority-minority polling locations to intimidate voters.3

And now that a judge has given them the go-ahead to ramp up their efforts with impunity, the GOP is back to the same dirty tricks, targeting Democratic voters—and particularly voters of color—in 15 battleground states. It’s a baldfaced effort to steal the election for Donald Trump and the Republicans.

Our democracy will not survive if Republican operatives and right-wing activists get away with it. This is why MoveOn is launching a massive, all-hands-on-deck campaign to save our elections from Republican meddling and to defend access to the ballot box for every single American.

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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