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Loudoun County Golf Course with “Moscow on the Potomac,” “Trump IS the Virus” Signs

Great work by all the activists telling Trump what they think of him, as he went golfing for the gazillionth time (actually, “the 276th visit to one of his golf properties”) in his disastrous presidency, even as the nation is seeing deadly/disastrous surges in the COVID-19 pandemic. This particular golfing expedition was to the “Trump National Gold Club” at Lowes Island in Potomac Falls, Loudoun County, Virginia.

Check out some of the signs: “Moscow on the Potomac” (referring to Trump’s slavish devotion to Putin); “The [GOP] Mask Is Off” (in more ways than one); “Roger + Donny 2021 Cellmates” (we can only hope); “Trump IS the Virus” (so true); “Hate Has No Home Here” (unfortunately, it very much has a home anywhere Trump goes); “Black Lives Matter” (yes they do!); etc. Anyway, let’s all make sure we have just a few more months of this crap, after which Trump can go golfing as a private citizen…assuming he’s not behind bars, of course, which he richly deserves to be.

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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