By Charles Uphaus

IT’S NOT FAIR! That must be what the president is thinking these days. Despite the impeachment, the absence of the wall, the exploding budget deficit (and this before all the coronavirus spending), the self-dealing and nepotism, the swampier-than-ever swamp, the separated families and children in cages, despite the more dangerous than ever N. Korea and Iran and the total collapse of our international standing – despite all these failures, there was still a fair chance that a modestly growing economy and record low unemployment would carry the president into a second term. It seemed so tantalizingly close. And then to have a pandemic, tens of thousands of deaths and economic collapse of historic proportions dumped on your desk. Not fair.

True, it’s not as though there were no warnings. It didn’t “come out of nowhere.” But even allowing for some early slip-ups, a reasonably competent president would have used a crisis of this magnitude to BOLSTER his reelection prospects, by displaying and conveying vision, responsibility, steadiness, resolve, empathy. Americans generally respond positively to strong, competent leadership in the face of crises – think 9/11 or Pearl Harbor or the Great Depression. Alas. What we are getting instead is confusion, quackery, self-promotion, blame casting, denial of responsibility, and even encouragement of insurrection against state governments to whom he has sloughed off responsibility. With this president, the buck stops anywhere but with him. Not surprisingly, his poll numbers are down significantly in battleground states. For which the president, true to form, blames the pollsters.

In fact, the American people may be finally tiring of this embarrassing, third-rate reality show, which not only is no longer entertaining, but is actually proving catastrophically dangerous to our very health and welfare.

Bottom line: We need to look out for each other since the President is obviously only looking out for himself. God help us.

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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