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It seems to me It’s Democrats

Winchester Democrats have taken a bold move to remove guns from municipal areas. Even Wyatt Earp made them leave their guns at the saloon while in Tombstone. I commend Winchester Democrats for having the courage to vote their conviction.

I’ve heard it often said in defense of gun proliferation that, “Guns don’t kill people – people kill people.” And yet, I rarely hear of a gun pulling the trigger. Americans love their guns.  

We’ve all heard the numbers, in February alone there have been 5,400 gun-related deaths so far, 2,338 have been homicides, and a whopping 3,102 have been suicides. Seems that the most danger a gun toter has to fear is himself.

I’ve lived in Winchester for a long time and I can’t remember a single time when gunfire opened in our streets.

Let me offer this compromise to our gun-totting Republican friends. Wear your guns strapped to the waist like they did in the old west just check them at the local saloon while you’re in town.

My hat’s off to the courageous Democrats on City Council. Since the Republicans are the lonesome two maybe they need to figure out what the majority of citizens really want. Seems to me it’s Democrats.

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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