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Dave Shore

Viewing today’s Star article about the Winchester Reptilian (I mean Republican) candidates views on the Civil War statue controversy, I thought of a smarter, simpler and more economical use of taxpayer money would be to proffer to all interested parties, The Battlefield Foundation, owners of the statue and the Black Lives Matter constituency, an idea that any reference to the word “confederate” would be removed and the plaque changed to “In the memory of all the soldiers from Winchester and Frederick County that lost their lives in the Civil War”. History is clear that there were men from Winchester and Frederick County that fought and died on both sides, North and South. One of the candidates thinks the statue soldier has a “CSA” belt buckle. An experienced metal worker can removed that, leaving the buckle blank. Another benefit of such a solution is that it would cost the city only the cost of a new plaque and, if necessary, the belt buckle “surgery”. Due to the pandemic, the city has not got expendable funds to build the other statues right now. While that might be worth considering in the future, lost sales, meals, etc. taxes has cost the city many thousands of dollars and we must be frugal with tax payer funds

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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