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I watch the Pope giving mass

I watch the Pope giving mass on the 6 o’clock news tonight. I was struck by the amount of gold, the immense opulence, and the overwhelming wealth in that one room. How do guys not understand the incredible hypocrisy of this religion?

The Romans crucified their god on earth and sent the worshipers into hiding. They apparently crucified some of his chosen ones upside down. Until later, the Romans embraced their religion and abandoned their pagan gods. So the Christians learned Latin, a language their god never spoke on earth. What he did do was to shun wealth, instruct his followers to sell everything and give it to the poor, and lived the life of a wandering homeless man.

How can the Pope not understand the hypocrisy of living in such luxury and opulence while worshiping a god who disdained such things? These are intelligent men. How do rationalize such anti-ethical behavior? What do they tell themselves in the quiet of their head?

I’m just wondering. Merry Christmas.

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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