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How long are we willing to allow this national nightmare to go on?

I have lived a very long time. I have seen many challenges to our democracy and our freedoms. I watched our President brutally assassinated in the prime of his presidency. I watched a fiercely divided country grappled with the horrors of the Viet Nam war. I watched the riots in Chicago during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. I watched the Congressional hearing into the Watergate scandal and the eventual resignation of a disgraced President. I watched as the only “never elected” President struggled to keep the democracy moving forward. I watched a morally weak President impeached over sexual misconduct and a failure to own up to his transgressions. I watched as only the third President in our 244-year history was impeached over allegedly misusing his presidential powers.

I have seen all of these threats to our democracy, but never did I ever think that our democracy would fall. In what is now the greatest threat to our democracy Donald Trump is attempting a coup d’état.

I remember the age-old adage that for evil to prevail, all that is needed is for good men to do nothing. If that is true, then we are in serious trouble, for not only are good men doing very little, but evil men are pressing hard to anoint Donald Trump as Fuhrer.

With this effort, Donald Trump and his accomplices have soiled the Constitution of the United States and besmirched the American people.

Joe Biden won a fair and free election. He commands 279 electoral votes and 50.8% of the popular vote (the largest for a challenger since FDR’s 1932 election). There is no credible evidence of widespread voter fraud. As someone who has seen the inner workings of our Registrars and election officials, I know how honorable and faithful they are in discharging the minutest details of their duties. I am frankly appalled and ashamed at how quickly we are to malign their integrity.

How long are we willing to allow this national nightmare to go on? How far are we the people willing to go? Regardless of whether you supported Donald Trump or Joe Biden, it is now time to defend our democracy. A hundred years from now (should our democracy survive), people will little remember who we are or who we supported. What will be written in the history books is how far we were willing to go to threaten or defend the existence of freedom-loving people.

The story goes something like this; Benjamin Franklin was leaving Constitutional Hall in 1787 when someone shouted from the crowd, “Do we have a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin replied, “You have a republic if you can keep it.” So I ask you, can we keep it? Do we love Donald Trump so much that we are willing to risk it all?

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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