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Guzman Possible Lt. Gov CANDIDATE

On Her Possible Run for Lieutenant Governor: 

  • After the last legislative session, “it was clear to me that we need more progressive voices in the Senate…I also think about that we’ve never had a woman or Hispanic Lt. Governor, and both of these perspectives are very important…And I think of the Lt. Governor’s job as a promotion…I consider myself as being effective as a legislator for the past three years, being able to pass legislation with a Republican majority…and then pass legislation once we won the majority as well…I will make my case to voters…that I have worked really hard to earn this promotion.”

On Whether Two Terms in the General Assembly Is Enough Experience to Be Lieutenant Governor:

  • “There are going to be candidates with serious experience in the Virginia General Assembly, and there are going to be candidates who may have more experience than me in the…Assembly…but at the end of the day it’s how much they accomplished…I would bring up…my collective bargaining bill, where Virginia became the 48th state in the country…we never had legislation that addressed that problem before…Increasing the age from 14 to 16 for minors tried as adults…that’s important…Providing compensation to wrongfully incarcerated individuals…Being the chief co-patron of the marijuana decriminalization bill. These conversations never happened before 2018, I’m sorry.”

On Campaigning for Joe Biden After Serving as Bernie Sanders’ Virginia Co-Chair

  • “I do believe in [what] Bernie Sanders was fighting for…but right now, Joe Biden is going to be the nominee, and in November the choices are clear, and I will make sure that I will do what I can in my district and my community to make sure that they vote for President Biden. For the Latinx community, the choices are very clear – we either vote for someone who has demonized our community and put children who look like mine in cages, or we vote for someone who is offering to do immigration reform on the first day of being president. My community is about the dignity and respect we deserve as … Americans, for all of those who call America home…Our children are on the ballot, our dignity and respect are on the ballot.”

On the Upcoming Special Session: 

  • “Guzman said we definitely have to have legislation responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the economic impact (e.g., 10% unemployment). Also, legislators ‘absolutely have to address police brutality and how they should be accountable for their actions…As a person of color, I can tell you that this is not new to me…for brown people like me, we have to stand up and support our Black brothers and sisters…I have experienced racism myself, I live in Prince William County…Corey Stewart.’”

On Watching the Democratic Senate Kill Paid Sick Days Legislation, Which She Had Been Fighting to Pass for Three Years

  • “The arguments that I heard…[from] Democratic Senators who were not in support of that legislation…Coming from the working class, that was personal to me…as someone who has to sometimes leave your children at home…because you don’t have those types of benefits…That tells me they are not listening to their constituency”

On Watching the Democratic Senate Kill Her Legislation to Include Farm Workers in the Minimum Wage Increase: 

  • “And then I was fighting for including the farm workers on the minimum wage, and I got it through the House…and then the day before sine die as well they decided to scratch the farm workers. That hurt me…I listened to the individuals who came and testified, described their conditions where they are working, and how they are not even allowed to get water breaks. And the Senators who were not in favor of this, the arguments they were using were weak; I had an answer for every single one of them…[I met] with the Virginia Farm Bureau and the agribusiness council…and then in the last minute having the Senate scratch off the farm workers hurt mebecause many of those farm workers…look like me…they are Latinx…They were able to communicate in their language with me and describe their conditions and how much they get paid, and I was able to have discussions with Republicans in the House…I could have done that in the Senate as well, and it hurt me that I couldn’t be there…I could be where these conversations happen…I can caucus with them…I see the role [of Lt. Governor] as not only presiding over the Senate but actually being a voice working together with the leadership of the Senate as well, where I haven’t seen that happening, and that’s how I envision this role…I can be in those meetings, have those conversations and present my point of view.”

On Delivering the Spanish Language Response to President Trump’s 2018 State of the Union Address: 

  • “I’m privileged and honored to be able to have that opportunity. I think that’s going to be the experience of my life, having Nancy Pelosi give me a call…I was like, oh my god…being the first Hispanic immigrant elected to the legislature…something I can talk to my children and grandchildren about…”

Also wanted to be sure you saw the Delegate’s remarks this week in these articles from WAMU and WVTF. Let me know if you’d like to schedule a call with her, thanks. -Katie 

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Bill Fuller

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