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Friends, Neighbors, and Relatives – Contacting Republican Senators

Ellen wrote the following short note which we can all send to Republican senators, via their websites, to lobby that they refuse to consider a new judicial nominee from tRump:

Dear Senator X,

Our children NEED you to show that being a politician can mean being truthful and honorable. “Fight for the things you care about,” said Ruth Bader Ginsburg, may her memory be a blessing.If you want to show our children and grandchildren that YOU can be fair and live by the same rules that the Republicans proclaimed as justified in 2016, when they would not even give Merrick Garland a hearing, please REFUSE to consider a new judicial nominee by the current president. Just say NO. For your children and your grandchildren. And for ours.
I’ve already written once to Senator Susan Collins of Maine, but when I tried to send this message it wouldn’t go through, and the website said it was down for maintenance; so we’ll keep trying.
Here’s a list of the other Republican senators that the Winchester/Frederick County Democratic Committee considers in-play, along with their website addresses (although I seriously doubt that Slimy Lindsey Graham will change his stance):

ACTION ITEMS:We need to convince 4 Republican Senators  to break with McConnell and prevent a vote on a SCOTUS nominee before Inauguration Day. These appear to be the best opportunities:Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) / email(202)-224-6665 A few hours before RBG’s death, Murkowksi went on record stating she wouldn’t confirm a new SCOTUS nomineeSusan Collins (R-ME) / contact(207)-780-3575 She’s up for a tough reelection fight and has stated in the past that she wouldn’t confirm a new SCOTUS nomineeChuck Grassley (R-IA) / contact(202)-224-3744 Grassley has stated he would not consider any Trump SCOTUS nominees in 2020Mitt Romney (R-UT) / contact(202)-224-5251 No idea what his views are on pushing an appointee through, but he’s clearly willing to break with TrumpLindsey Graham (R-SC)  (202) 224-5972 Has publicly stated that he won’t push an appointee through in 2018, he’s also in a tough election fight. PS–Graham says now that he will vote with rump, but perhaps he’ll change his mind again.

Please modify the message as you see fit, write as often as possible to the senators, and share this message as widely as possible.  
If tRump gets another right-wing Republitard on the Supreme Court, we’re all truly screwed!!

Mark & Ellen

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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