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Fox News is Reporting . . .

by Robert Reich

Fox News is reporting that Donald Trump is now losing to Joe Biden by a whopping 11 points. On the question of who would do a better job handling the coronavirus, Trump is behind by 16 points.1

Trump knows he’s in trouble. So he and his cronies have begun pushing dangerous conspiracy theories to explain his failures—and, as usual, the media is playing right into his hands.

Rush Limbaugh says the number of COVID-19 deaths is being inflated to hurt Trump politically.2 Eric Trump says the lockdowns are being implemented only to stop Trump from holding rallies.3 Trump himself is talking about a nonexistent scandal called “Obamagate.”4

All of this is utter nonsense, but the corporate media is giving it wall-to-wall coverage, drawn to the latest shiny object from the Trump circus like moths to a flame. Trump is a master media manipulator. That’s why, despite everything that’s happened, he can still win.

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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