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Four more years of this?


A relative recently sent us a listing of the awful things that Trump has said and done, both before and during his presidency. All verifiable, these are the kinds of things which should be — or should have already been —”deal-breakers” for American voters. Included in the list were actions such as:

• Going bankrupt at least 6 times but refusing to release tax records;

• Committing over 20,000 lies;

• Putting refugee children in cages;

• Eliminating long-established environmental protections,

• Soliciting election help from Russia, China, Ukraine;

• Choosing to believe foreign dictators over U.S. Intelligence;

• Referring to our free press as “the enemy” (and so on …) Any one of those — all by itself — would, with any other president, cause the majority of Americans to rise up and say, “This is NOT the type of person that we want to be the ‘Leader of the Free World.’” But, unfortunately, all of those despicable actions ( plus scores more) were only a prelude to 2020. His response to 3 different crises has shown us how ignorance, incompetence, and a total lack of concern for others is a most dangerous combination. Instead of leadership, this charlatan has :

• Minimized — for months! — the growing seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic

• Lied about the number of COVID cases and the number of deaths;

• Refused offered help from the WHO and from other countries;

• Refused to use the advice of medical professionals;

• Given support to those who resisted cooperating with the basic safety measures to slow the spread of the virus;

• Focused on the stock market, instead of on the plight of working families being hurt by the recession; • Promoted potentially harmful drugs as “miracle cures”;

• Given NO condemnations of the police killings of unarmed Black citizens;

• Had tear gas and stun grenades used against peaceful protesters in D.C.;

• Continued to try to eliminate health care coverage during a pandemic (!);

• Has done NOTHING in response to U. S. Intelligence that Russia has paid bounties for dead American soldiers in Afghanistan!

And that sordid list does not even include actions such as how he uses the Attorney General as his “fixer” and as his “enforcer”.

Some facts related to the COVID- 19: The U. S. and South Korea each confirmed their first COVID cases on January 20. Korea immediately responded with testing, safety measures, and contact tracing. Trump treated the COVID as no-big-deal for months. As of this writing, the U. S. has had over 3 million COVID cases and 132,753 deaths. As of this date South Korea has had 13,137 cases and 284 total deaths. Compare those totals. South Korea’s society is essentially back to normal. Who knows when ours will be.

This president’s “performance” is well beyond “embarrassment” or gross “ incompetence.” He is DANGEROUS. People are dying because of him. And elected Republicans do nothing to stop him. For more years of this?? NO way!

Kevin Kennedy is a resident of Frederick County.

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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