Endorsement for Irina

Irina Khanin is a local lawyer and child advocate running for Delegate in the 29th District. She wants to join the many women who have been so successful in the VA House of Representatives, especially in the past five years. She wants to be your voice in the General Assembly.

Irina believes in a clean government of transparency, based on Democratic values. She has taken the pledge not to take any contributions from big corporations like Dominion and she supports campaign reform.

As a child advocate and attorney, Irina understands the impact a good education has on her constituents and their careers. She supports programs that will match community needs and guarantees employability and success. That starts with fully funded Pre-K and teacher pay that makes it possible to teach and live in the same school district. Local infrastructure needs should create jobs without damaging our beautiful environment. A “green” economic boom is within reach with the correct priorities combined with short and long term planning based on science.

The Shenandoah Valley has unmet mental health needs and a growing opioid problem. Irina wants to support legislation to reduce preventable and chronic disease, and increase resources for substance abuse treatment.

As a naturalized immigrant like myself, Irina appreciates the U.S. Constitution with its emphasis on individual rights, responsibilities and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. She will be a great Delegate representing the 29th District.

Elisabet Michaelsen


Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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