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Democrats Pass Heroes Act

The next COVID-19 relief package (also known as the HEROES act) has dropped, 1000S. 

Thanks to all of you, many of the provisions we’ve been fighting for are included. But as we saw with the last stimulus bill, we expect that Republican Senators are going to try (once again) to strip relief efforts for the people and sneak in favors for their billionaire friends. The Senate ended up wasting weeks arguing while families and frontline workers waited desperately for support.

We can’t afford to waste time playing political games. The latest jobs report showed that we are experiencing the worst unemployment crisis since the Great Depression and that women, especially women of color, account for most job losses.1 The number of COVID-19 cases is rising and frontline workers still don’t have proper protection. 

We need to send a strong message to the Senate that support can’t wait for the millions of Americans who have been devastated by this crisis. Please add your name and demand that the Senate immediately pass the HEROES Act.We need relief now »

The first round of coronavirus stimulus checks started going out to people exactly a month ago. This one-time $1,200 payment provided some relief, but the truth is that it wasn’t nearly enough to cover the cost of groceries, rent, and health care costs for most families.

30 days later: There are more families than before that have lost their only source of income and health insurance.

It’s no longer a question of whether we should pass relief for people, but how fast can we deliver support for the millions of families that have no way to make ends meet this month. By almost every measure, this COVID-19 recession is worse for women than any previous economic slump.2

That’s why we’ve joined together with our partners including Planned Parenthood Action Fund, National Women’s Law Center, and many more as part of the We Demand More coalition to ensure that gender justice is at the heart of any relief package.

The HEROES Act would provide families up to $6,000 worth of direct support. The bill also includes provisions to assist farmers, protect renters and homeowners from evictions and foreclosures, and extend family and medical leave provisions previously approved by Congress. There will also be protections and support granted for our frontline workers in this bill so our health care system can better fight off the pandemic. 

It’s going to take a nationwide, united effort to make sure the Senate listens to our demands and passes the HEROES Act without add-ons for their corporate friends. Please add your name now so we can send the petition before the bill reaches the Senate.


Tabitha and the Women’s March TeamDonate to Women’s March »

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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