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“Democrats Care”

“Democrats Care””  

“Republicans . . . ? ” 

Americans are hurting.  If you ask, most people will say that they “hate” 2020, many even saying that 2020 has been the worst year of their lives.  Every one of us has had our “normal” life disrupted and changed.  But if we have a source of income and insurance–and no one in our “circle” is dangerously sick–we can manage the inconveniences, the diminished social interactions, the boredom.   

But with over a quarter million dead from the Covid virus and millions having lost their jobs (AND health insurance, in many cases) because of the recession, “managing” is no sure thing for thousands in our area–and millions across the country.       

How many more small businesses will have to fail?  How many more families will be financially ruined?  How many millions will have to die?  If charitable agencies have spent all their resources, cities and towns have run out of money in the recession, and States have far over-spent their budgets, where can people turn when they’re struggling to survive?  

The way out of all this will not be rapid or easy, but the answers–the plans for saving people and saving the economy–are right in front of us.  They’re not a secret.  It just requires the WILL to do what is needed.  The job must be done, or more people will be crushed–or die.   

A mammoth bipartisan relief package was passed not long after the pandemic/recession crashed upon us.  This was an economic lifeline to millions of families and thousands of businesses. But the precipitator of this recession–the coronovirus pandemic–has not been dealt with.  It will take money to counter the effects of the pandemic. The Democratic House passed a rescue plan months ago.  It’s not perfect, but the Republican Senate won’t even consider it! 

Some people and some businesses are adapting to the crisis, but many businesses–and their workers–continue to be strangled by the stay-at-home orders.  Businesses connected to restaurants, the travel industry, and entertainment venues are pushed to the edge.  

And now the severe Covid restrictions must be re-imposed because the numbers of infections and deaths have increased to their highest rates ever.  Why?  We know the answer:  The President has provided ZERO leadership in the pandemic.  He has actually been firing federal workers who have dared to speak the truth.  And NO ONE in his Party has tried to stop him.   

Every elected politician who has not spoken up for the people in need–and against the President’s refusal to act–is derelict in their sworn duties.  A great many Democrats have been speaking up for the people; I know of very few Republicans who have done so.  Most of them actively support Trump’s actions. The rest cower in fear and stay silent.  (And that includes Republican complicity in Trump’s refusal to cooperate with President-elect Biden’s transition and his just-revealed efforts to change the results of the Election.)  

With regard to my opening question, I know a good number of Republican voters who are caring and generous.  I would not label them “uncaring people”, but they continue to support a group of elected “public servants” who DO NOT CARE.   

 ( Kevin Kennedy — November, 2020)

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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