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COVID-19 Response Bill – Really Bad

Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans have been stalling for literally months, but now they’ve released their next COVID-19 response bill — and it’s bad. Really bad.

We’re talking immunity-for-corporations, 30-percent-worker-paycut, no-housing-protections bad. This is what Senate Republicans stand for — in fact, they were so focused on protecting corporations from liability that they put it in the name of the bill, at the expense of providing adequate aid to struggling households, overwhelmed hospitals, and endangered teachers.

This bill doesn’t do anything to help people in need. What we need is for the Senate to pass the Heroes Act now. This bill already passed the House months ago and includes extended unemployment insurance, hazard pay, rental assistance and an eviction moratorium, additional health care standards, and funding for safe elections. As the Senate starts negotiations, the number one thing our movement has to do is make sure Senate Democrats hold firm on these crucial provisions.

So right now — and we mean right now — we need you to call both your senators and demand they pass the Heroes Act. Constituent pressure is key to making sure Democrats hold strong in negotiations and Republicans realize they can’t afford to play games with our lives.

Call your senators now >>

This COVID-19 non-response is just the latest injury — GOP senators have shown us who they are, and they’re not going to stop. That means we’re going to be in fights like this many more times, and we need your support: can you donate $10 to support our COVID-19 response advocacy and all our work?

No one is at fault for the emergence of COVID-19, but our government’s disastrous response to it is outrageous. It’s time for us to stop them from making things worse.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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