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Can the Republican Party be Trusted to Protect Our Democracy?

Donald Trump has given us a valuable 9th-grade civic lesson. The Republican Party, as it turns out, cannot be trusted to protect our democracy.

The majority of Republican Congressmen signed on to an effort to overthrow the election that Joe Biden won by over 7 million votes and 306 electoral ballots.

Let’s call this what it is. It’s an attempted coup by the Republican Party and a seditious act by a sitting President. How are American citizens to act when a traitorous internal arm of government defies the will of its people? Apparently, the answer is we sit cautiously by and hope for the best. So far, our court systems have held firm in their resolve to do nothing and have pacifically prevented the coup attempt from moving forward.

Fortunately for freedom-loving Americans everywhere, Donald Trump is a profoundly stupid narcissist who cannot prevent himself from self-destructing. But what if he wasn’t.

In the waning days of the campaign, if he had sincerely apologized and reassured the electorate that he would lead us to overcome the pandemic and restore our economy, would he have been reelected? Every American must shudder at how easy it would have been to fall into the clutches of a totalitarian government.

Are you willing to be governed by the “Proud Boys”? Explain how they differ from the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany. Imagine how easy it would be. How close did we come to losing our democracy? How fragile is it?

So, this time we dodged a bullet. Do you think so? The Republican Party remains very strong. Forty-nine point two percent of the electorate voted for Trump. Every Republican accomplice from Lindsey Graham to Mitch McConnell returned to their posts of leadership.

Even now, Trump continues to insist he won and files frivolous lawsuits searching for some fist full of slim that might stick to our wall of judicial review.

Democracy is a fragile wisp of cloud easily blown in any direction by the ill will of people obsessed with power, greed, and money. Beware, be ready, or be enslaved. As Trump told the Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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