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Big Money in Politics

As you know, American Promise is working to get big money out of politics by supporting an amendment to the U.S. Constitution which allows the states and Congress to regulate campaign finance, thus overturning Citizens United. HJR2 in the House has been signed by 220 Representatives (7 of them from Virginia) and its companion bill in the Senate (SJR51) has 46 co-sponsors, including Senators Kaine and Warner. 
In Virginia we are:1) working to get Virginia to be the 21st State to sign a resolution supporting a constitutional amendment. Wyoming just got it passed in either their Senate or House and Alaska is moving forward with a state referendum. 2) pushing for campaign finance reform in Virginia, a state which is only one of four without any limitations on campaign finance contributions. 

Register for an upcoming virtual panel discussion on getting big money out of politics:
“Democracy Loses When Big Money Wins”  June 2nd at 7 pm.
This panel will be chaired by Hedrick SmithNew York Times Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and author of The Russians and Who Stole the American Dream, among other publications. Hedrick has been on the leading edge of documenting “people power” in our time of declining trust in government. Most recently his Democracy Rebellion film was aired on PBS in January. 

The one-hour session will begin with a short video by Hedrick, Grassroots vs. Citizens United, followed by a panel discussion on the growing corrosive impact of big money on our elections and the role that people power can have in making a difference in changing our legislative space. Nancy Morgan, coordinator of the Virginia chapter of American Promise , will be joined by Del Marcus Simon, a Virginia legislator (VA-53) and a champion of campaign finance reform as well as an advocate for “get money out of politics”, Vicki Weger Barnes, the Minnesota State Coordinator for AP.

If you believe that democratic reforms can be catalyzed by grassroots activism, join us.

You can celebrate recent victories in Virginia on voting rights by watching Hedrick Smith’s new video: Virginia Women Lead Voting Reforms. We’re working to expand this enthusiasm to getting money out of politics.  

Want to feel inspired by stories of regular citizens taking actions to influence their democracy? Watch some of my colleague’s, Mike Deal, podcasts on amazing citizens making a difference. Read one of our letters to the editors: We need campaign finance reform.
Check out the Virginia legislators below who support getting money out of politics.  Rep. Gerry Connolly just signed the American Promise pledge and we are planning on targeting not only candidates for office in November but also incumbents in the Virginia General Assembly where key campaign finance bills were defeated in the Senate.

If you think that money is politics is corrupting our elections and adversely affecting our public policies, join us to take action. Raise your voice: it just takes a click. 

1) Sign a petition supporting campaign finance reform in Virginia to be shared with Governor Northam, Senator Saslow, Delegate Filler-Corn and the heads of the Senate and House Privileges and Elections committees, Senator Deeds and Delegate Lindsey respectively. We hope to get 6000 (at least) signatures by December.

2) You can send a letter to your Virginia legislator telling them that you are disappointed that while 80 percent of Americans want to get money out of politics, apparently Virginia legislators didn’t consider it a priority in the last General Assembly. 

3) If you are interested in working on passing local resolutions in local counties, cities, let us know. Contact:

Want more information?  Join our FACEBOOK or the discussion platform of the  Virginia Swamp BustersSend us an email at

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Bill Fuller

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