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Alt Right and KKK Support Trump

By Deetzie Bayliss

To all voters, before marking a ballot for a candidate this fall, ask yourself this question. Why do the alt right and KKK members vocally support Donald Trump? Next, please remember that when any candidate decides to put the Republican banner around their shoulders to run as a Republican,  no matter how much the candidate tries to distance himself or herself from Trump, they are accepting all of Trump’s policies and values because he is the Republican Party. The Republican Party is the party of Trump. Any candidate who embraces this Republican “tag” is agreeing to the party platform and beliefs of its leader. There is no in-between. There is no gray area. All elections are local. 
I hope democrats in Winchester are not fooled by the fact that the city council election is local and support any candidate other than a Democrat. Particularly in these very unsettled times, we need to stress that voting for a Republican is embracing Trump’s values. I’m concerned that some Democrats are considering crossing lines to vote for a Republican mayor. What is wrong with our organization? Who wants to see the headlines that Winchester turns Republican? I am concerned, too, that some concentrate on one issue and fail to see the big picture, and that loyal involved Democrats are choosing instead to be called independents. We can not afford to bleed away our loyalty and dedication to the principles that our party stands for in these very distressing times. We need to make this known. To all who want to leave our party, remember that Trump made many promises that were lies and remain unfulfilled. What are the opposing candidates promising? Don’t be fooled again. Keep your principles and values close to your heart and stand up proudly for our Democratic candidates. If a candidate runs as a Republican, they are a Republican. Period. 

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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