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A wakeup call for Democrats

A number of you faced the incredibly difficult circumstance of organizing Democrats in the middle of the pandemic for this past Tuesday’s local election. The timing of the election was quite unfortunate. I know there are still hard feelings and frustrations over the election process. 
Our colleague David Washington, Chair of the Chesapeake Democratic Committee, reached out and asked me to share this note to the Chair list. I hope to schedule a Chair conversation sometime in the coming weeks for any Chair interested in participating to share ideas and feedback, so we can prepare ourselves for the November election.
Hope everyone is managing through this challenging time, staying safe, and sane! Hope you are doing something fun this Memorial Day weekend.


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From: David Washington <>
Date: May 23, 2020 at 6:22:47 PM EDT
To: Clarence Tong <>
Subject:Democratic Chairs this is a call to ACTION!

The email attached below was forwarded to me by an old campaign buddy PLEASE READ this GET MAD, GET FOCUSED, AND GET READY!!  
From Jack Wilson III Chair of the Republican Party of Virginia:
Republicans DOMINATED local elections in Virginia yesterday.
FLIPPED Staunton
SWEPT ChesapeakeTOPPED Fairfax CityWON in ViennaTOOK OVER RadfordFLIPPED WaynesboroADVANCED in Lynchburg
But, you already knew this. You knew this because you were there in 2016 when the largest grassroots movement in U.S. history shocked the world. You were there at the Second Amendment rally this year in Richmond, and you will be there when we take back Virginia in November.
Without YOU, none of this is possible. I truly believe that we can flip Virginia red this year and deliver the Old Dominion for President Trump. When we do, I want you to know that you made the difference.
Take a day – soak in these Republican victories on our city councils and school boards. But tomorrow, it will be time to strap up again and fight to Keep America Great!
I know you can do it.
Hello,I’m David Washington Chair of the Chesapeake Democratic Committee and former political campaign staffer with over 15 years of experience…
The Republican Party of Virginia and their supporters used Democrat’s justified fears of COViD 19 to suppress the vote and even more importantly suppress the two things we do overwhelmingly better than our Republican counterparts FIELD and GOTV OPERATIONS in all of these communities to take over these cities…..WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE FALL!!

How do we win elections Democrats…Field, Field, Raise some money and FIELD!
Knock on Doors Have College Students come from out of town to work on campaigns Outreach to minority communitiesSouls to the polls Community Forums Candidate Meet and Greets Volunteers meeting people that don’t normally participate in the voting process where they are 
All of these vital aspects to the overall field operation were forced to be abandoned this past election and will be forced to happen again if a second wave of COViD 19 comes our way in the fall.
Though Clarence Tong our Chair of Chairs I’m requesting a meeting of the minds with all the Chairs in the Commonwealth. I’m hoping we can think outside the box as the boots on the ground foot solders just in case we have to deal with a second wave of COViD 19. 
David WashingtonChairChesapeake Democratic Committee

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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