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A Most Remarkable Time

I trust you’re here because you heard that there was a new site dedicated to printing all the news and information that the local print media, that bastion of conservative garble, chooses not to print. Was it that or did you accidentally clicked the wrong URL? Either way, your welcome to stay and look around. We don’t want your email. We won’t send you anything or bother with stuff you don’t want.

Our area has some truly exceptional thinkers who bring us joy by the clarity and insights of their writing. I hope you will find them here.
While we will start small I hope the sheer weight of the content, the passion of what you find here, and the clear and concise truth will make you a frequent visitor.

It’s been a most remarkable time. Here we stay at home unless necessity dictates that we venture forth for food or other needs. So please stop and read. As our fearless president says – what have you got to lose. If you like what you see in particular, leave a comment, send an email, and remember to visit often. If you don’t like something, start an argument. We love controversy and discourse.

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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