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86,571 Dead of COVID-19 as of 5/15/2020

Donald Trump keeps screaming from his pedestal at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that the people need to “LIBERATE” their states, while deflecting questions from the press by crying about a hoax he calls “Obamagate.”

He is trying to take away healthcare from millions, but at the same time, the Trump campaign is capitalizing on the pandemic by selling Trump/Pence branded masks to campaign donors.

Mike Pence has traveled all around the country not wearing masks,spreading inaccuracies, and carrying empty supply boxes into a healthcare facility in Arlington for a crude photo-op.

Meanwhile, Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are working from home whenever possible and only going to Capitol Hill when necessary. They both went viral on social media for their efforts to educate and show how to be a responsible citizen during this pandemic: Sen. Warner snuck a handwashing tutorial into a tuna melt recipe video and Sen. Kaine has gotten some recognition and acclaim for the bandanas he’s using as masks.

Vice President Joe Biden has moved his entire organization into the digital space and is holding regular virtual town halls from the safety of his home. His campaign has recently stalled production on merchandise from his online store to give his union print shop the ability to adhere to stay at home orders.

Democrats have leaders in Virginia and all over the nation who are taking this pandemic seriously.

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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