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780 retired national security leaders Endorse Joe Biden

780 retired national security leaders — people who have served at the highest levels of government and military — are united in their belief that Joe Biden represents the best  choice for President in 2020. This includes 284 General officers (USA, USAF & USMC) and Flag officers (USN & USCG). We are re-releasing this letter because more than 290 people actively asked for their names to be added to the letter and wanted an opportunity to express their support for Joe Biden in a meaningful way.

This list is historic in nature. Never have so many military and national security leaders publicly endorsed a political candidate, including lifelong Republicans, Independents, Democrats and those that are by nature politically agnostic. And that’s because of the stark and critical choice our nation faces this election. Consider the names on this list — they represent people who have been serving in national security throughout our most recent conflicts — people who understand today’s pressing needs and threats. Women, men, African American and Hispanic. These names represent what American national security leadership looks like today.

Joe Biden represents the values, intelligence, experience and leadership this country desperately needs. We need to bring honor back to American leadership. Joe Biden’sprinciples also dictate that a nation’s word is her bond. We don’t lie to other nations and we don’t lie to each other. Joe Biden has the wisdom and decency needed to heal afractured nation, so we enthusiastically support him. Joe Biden is a respected leader who has proven himself through service his entire life. He will reengage America with the rest of the world and restore the world’s trust in our leadership. This, in turn, makes us safer and more prosperous as partners with other world leaders.
Please feel free to give this letter wide distribution within your neighborhood, city, county, state and out-of-state.
Stay safe and stay well.Yours Aye/ John Butler
John D. Butler CBE FRSNRear Admiral, U. S. Navy (Retired)

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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