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2020 Has Been A Horrible Year

Twenty-Twenty has been a horrible year. By any standard, 2020 has been the worst year of my life, and I have lived a lot of years.

It opened with a never-ending Presidential campaign, name-calling, unprecedented hyperbole, and then came the virus. The President told us not to worry. It was like the flu and would magically disappear.

Healthcare workers ran out of protective equipment. Major car companies began churning our respirators, and everybody was making masks. As the year wore on, people died, the President denied, and expert immunologists were tung tied by a President who lived in a strange little world inside his head.

Businesses closed. Unemployment sky-rocketed to new heights and Congress passed a paltry COVID relief bill and quickly deadlock over esoteric issues that not even the wizard reporters covering Congress could understand.

The President kept denying while holding super spreader events across the country and making his supporters sick in record numbers.

The Democrats called each other out in unending debates that were, at best, hard to watch. And then, on super Tuesday, Joe Biden got an early Christmas gift when two leading contenders, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar, dropped out. From that point on, there was little doubt that the Democratic Presidential candidate would be a 77-year-old workhorse, Joe Biden.

Throughout the summer, the news was mostly all bad. We hunkered down in our houses, tried to find strategic moments to go to the grocery store only to find there was no toilet paper. Unemployment continued to rise, people continued to get sick and die, and Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, became a celebrity. Why? You might ask. Because when the moron in the White House was ignoring, denying, and obfuscating, Governor Cuomo acted and communicated. What a refreshing oasis that was in a non-ending tsunami of horrible news.

And then came the elections. Did Joe win? Trump claimed victory and widespread voter fraud. Like molasses oozing from a jar, the votes came in, and Biden seemed to eek ahead. Trump claimed victory, widespread voter fraud, and started suing everything in sight. Frivolous laws suits played out in state after state and in courtroom after courtroom. The judiciary held firm. The President and his Republican enablers took the issue to the greatest court in the land. One hundred-twenty six traitor Republican Congressmen signed onto the lawsuit. Not once but twice, the Supreme Court looked away, clearly signaling that they wanted no part of this cockfight. Trump tried to figure out a way to sue the Supreme Court. Rudy Giuliani prostrated himself at the altar of the self-proclaimed, fraud declaring, COVID denying potentate in the White House while leaking engine oil from his head.

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Joe seemed to win. Trump claimed victory. The judiciary held firm, and Phizer announced, WE HAD A VACCINE! But Trump, in his infinite wisdom, only ordered half of what we need. Can it any worse? Bill Barr resigns, the White House is shedding staff like a Golden Retriever at winter’s end.

It was clear. Trump had shown us, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Republican Party can no longer be trusted to protect our democracy.

Then came the faintest glimmer of hope. Doctors and nurses fighting on the front line of care for those infected with the virus began to be vaccinated. Biden officially won the Electoral College vote with 306 votes. Trump, of course, called the leadership of key states trying to seditiously coerce the victory he could not win at the ballot box.

So, are we back to normal? We should be so fortunate. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, two leaders of the attempted coup, were returned to their leadership roles. Control of the Senate rests with the election of not one but two Senate seats in Georgia. Unless the Democrats can pull off a miracle and run the table, we are destined for four years of dysfunctional government, an aging, weak President, and remnants of the Civil War (AKA the Proud Boys) lurking as barbarians at the gate.

Twenty Twenty-one has got to better.

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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