150 Days

150 days. That’s all the time we have to right the wrongs of the last four years of Donald Trump. That’s all the time we have to take control of the United States Senate & reelect Mark Warner. That’s all the time we have to ensure we send our Congressional delegation back to Washington and keep the House of Representatives.

As we all know, these aren’t normal times. The protests and the civil discourse of the Black Lives Matter movement are changing the fabric of our society and casting light upon an issue that has been in the shadows of America’s political dialogue for far too long.

While we work toward the goals of equality for all in the great experiment called the United States, we cannot forget that change comes for the powerful on Election Day. It is the day that we hold accountable the leaders who have failed us and our communities. It is when the chickens come home to roost.

Donald Trump has done nothing but shift blame, complain, sow division and discord, and run away from crisis after crisis — manufactured or otherwise, in his time in the Oval Office. Mitch McConnell cares more about putting wholly unqualified former aides in lifetime appointments to some of the highest courts in the nation than he does about the American people. These men do not deserve to hold on to the power they so blatantly abuse.

We have 150 days to plan, organize, mobilize, and vote. We need your help to get it done. 

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller

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